Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Care Fun!!! Love them kidz!

He wanted TEETH!!! Mama didn't, so I compromised!

Another satisfied customer!!!!

I always get them drooling babies! They are the best to caricature!

I learned a lesson today........always get there before the face painter does or else you gotta be guessing at some features. Oh well, I tried, hope these looked somewhat like my targets.


Niall O loughlin said...

These are great, you de man!!!!

Super Poopers said... coulda made these kids MUCH uglier! Seriously, can't you see it in their tiny demon faces?
You are too nice,man...

Bat said...

No, Niall, your definitely tha man! Thank ya though, means a lot coming from you.

Ha ha, Super Poop, this kids are cute as a button. You just see the bad attributes in people. I know how you operate, man!

ramanjit said...

they are so cute!
and you drwa them as cute!!!!!
great job.

Sameer Saxena said...

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