Wednesday, August 27, 2008


picture is not exactly centered up, but regardless heres a Birthday Board I do for birthday party's. This one was for Cailey Eller..... hope you have many more great b'days Cailey!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some celebs..........


Aint nothin cooler than a Black Hawk --- unless your on the business end of a hellfire missle. I would post the video of this thing taking off, but my IT department (me) doesnt know how to do it.

Here's Rebecca Pepin and Lt. General Metz on a Goal Board I drew up for the Armed Forces Tribte (AFT).

Wide shot of the goal board featuring Pepin, Metz and local radio personality Jan Caddell.

Occasionally you get a great couple like these guys to come along cut loose on the caricatures with their reluctant consent. I have to throw in that the girl, Jan, gave me plastic surgeon liberties on certain areas of the pic!!

Best buds from Georgia!

The next Karate Kid, Jacob... he is a black belt in Tai Kwon Do! Needless to say, I was careful not to upset him!

Kaylie and Allie (the pup). Luckily I got this one done before Allie got jacked up on Dr. Pepper!

SUE!... I mean Kellie! Sorry, inside joke!

This guy is gonna grow up and play for the Carolina Panthers, and then I'll finally get my box seats if he isn't too mad about the pic I made for him! Thanks Gabriel (Great football name too!)

This is Gabriels sister, Sloan........gals with guns are always fun to draw!

Lt. General Metz with a Patton-esque pose (that flag was huge!-- look at the girl standing down beside it)

This cute lil' gal was sporting a dress her grandma had made her. I was asked to make sure to include it, but right in the middle of the drawing her love of turtles came up and with my limited short term memory a slapped the turtoise in there before I remembered grannies dress.....Ooops!

Rebecca Pepin from News Channel 5, author of the book "Faces of Freedom", and not-so-proud owner of that jacked up piece of art I gave her! She thanked me for it later, out of pity maybe?

These little cutie pies belong to Travis and Mandy Lovell! Thanks Aubre and Maleah!!

It's all about the hair! Thanks, Josh! Don't ever cut it, my man.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ola Belle Reed Festival, Blue Grass and Mermaids.....

Here's the two gals together. Jewel and Kate. I thought they were together and was set to do one picture of the two of them as mermaids when I was quickly informed that they wanted to be done individually....... they were great sports and we had fun. Queen Mermaids of the Sea, as I was told!

This cute little girl came with another little friend (from the picture above)....... her individual post is on down a ways.....and they both wanted to be mermaids. THeir the only two mermaids I've seen up here in the mountains!

OBR Fest-- GOOB!!!!!!!

This is a couples (there pics are below) daughter who is in town from OHio and they wanted to surprise her with this picture........ love the nickname Goob!

OBR Festival

NOrman Hughes and his wife Linda, great people....... I had to work off a photo for each as they both wanted to listen to the tunes while I did the picture!

OBR Fest 2008

JUst giving a shout out to the two that helped me get through the festival, Jennifer Adams and Lindsay Blevins.....Thanks guys.

OBR Festival

Watermelon, the staple of the OBR Festival. It looked delicious, but this little gal, Haley (Jennifer Adams daughter), refused to share it with me..... oh well, I got revenge with this little picture.

More Ola Belle Reed pictures (OBR from here on out!!)

Here's one of my co-workers and friends, Jennifer Adams........ The absolute best subject ever! I can draw her caricature in 10 minutes with one eye closed.

Ola Belle Reed Festival

The Ola Belle Reed Fest is an annual festival in Lansing NC that features around the clock blue grass. After about an hour it all sounds the same. The crowd wasn't as big as last years but fortunatly for me there were plenty of kids running around that wanted to caricaturized.
This pretty young lady came with another little girl who she had befriended at the festival and they both wanted to be little mermaids. She thought this was close enough to Arielle (sp?) from the famous disney movie so I guess it was for me as well, being no expert!