Monday, September 22, 2008

Kirkland and Gabby!! (my niece and nephew!)

Maersk Company Retirement Picnic! (Part Two)

Another fun victim at the picnic.... Fun stuff. I tried to add some color to the earrings and necklace.... wish I could have done all my caricatures in full color!
This was a fun couple that had been married 27? years..... congrats!
These gals were some of my earlier "victims" but I should have played around with their likeness some more...still learning! (and will forever)
This pretty lady had some cool heart shaped earrings and a pretty smile. I was pleased with the likeness, but being a detail freak that I am could have really done it up some more!
Fun stuff here, she was with the girl above and had some great hair going on with a bow in it.... I love the "extras"!!
First timer! She was fun...I hope her love of caricatures catches on like a fever...I know it's easy to do!
Missed!...Cute little fella I should have really played with the hair in the eyes look a little more!
More fun hair.... had a blast!

This young lady was very polite and classy, she even had a cute lil beauty mark that I love to add for a more accurate depiction!
Great curls that I didn't capture the way I'd like to have!
Two words: Princess Jasmin!
Barbara was a very kind lady who brought us water in the nick of time.... another likeness I didn't quite get the way I'd like tho!
This cute gal was sportin some cool hair too... I could have really detailed her up given the time!

Maersk Company Retirement Picnic! (Part One)

This couple was great... Their family was jawing them the whole time behind me and just cutting stuff!
One word.........DIVA!! She was styling and I hope I caught a smidge of that in the pic!
This couple was real fun! They waited patiently and had the greatest features to work with!
Jordan Michael!! Hit me up and we'll get you a better pic with a Bronco on it, my man! (I don't feel like I got you on this one!)
This was the first gal up and right in the middle of getting started with the caricature... BOOM, a clown right behind her popped a balloon and freaked her out.... she calmed down and we finished up!

Here's the three pros (well, two of 'em and me), Brian Vasilik(left), Brent Brown(right), and me in the middle. We had a blast down in Charlotte for the Maersk Oil Company picnic.... lots of great people down there made for a special event.......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Two more NCN victims-- Mike and Mike!

Mike Giblin is a stellar artist, check out my list of fav artist on this blog for his link!! He did a killer picture of me!
Mike Hasson is the bossman... he's another awesome artist that also runs the agency About Faces that helps me put food on the table! Thanks Mike!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drawing in Process.....

Here's my NCN subject Taka Watanabe.... an established and extremley gifted artist from the other side o' the world!
First, I laid down some subtle colors using some prisma color stix.........
I continued working the form until I had something concrete to really help solidify the subject...
I began adding different line wieghts with the marker and tried not to lose the overall likeness....
My computer skills are awesome.... I didn't erase my colors...this was actually supposed to be before that last pic!
And finally done and I add a fuzzy little alien dude that is not sure what he is looking at!! Hope you enjoyed this little insight! See you soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Todd-Stone Family!!

Here's a couple of my best buds, Trevor (top) and Caleb (below) as their fav movie personas from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I remember these movies when I was a wee fella too, amazing how some things stand the test of time! Great to see you guys and many, many thanks to their "ma" and "pa", Mike (better known as T-stone) and Sara Todd-Stone for letting me stay their this weekend while I did a wedding at the beautiful Rock Springs Center in Greenville, NC.... Home of the ECU Pirates..... Yaaaarg!


Beautiful eyes, this gal kept trying to peek at my picture and then the pretty eye's turned to the evil eye when she thought I was messing her up!!
Fun stuff here, I wanted to go all out on the shirt...yeah, I'm a detail freak, but unfortunately, time is my worse enemy!
Benjamin!.... he had a long day, but was a real champ and stayed up throught the caricature!
This is Nick's (the detailed shirt guy above) mom!

Another pretty lady at the event!

Here's my "lil' manager" who kept me in line with my drawings by telling me when I had them person looking right and when I had them "too ugly"! He also showed me where to add the CURLS!!


These gals and guys were lots of fun, we had a blast (at least I did...they may have been cursing my name all the way home!!) I even got an A plus from the pretty girl with the high hair and large pink earrings...Right Kenitra?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random artwork.... sketches and such.....

my friend Tom Crabtree is writing a childrens book based upon the adventure's of a tater tot........ working on some prelim drawings. Also, have the man, Ben Franklin in there along with some random drawings just to keep from getting rusty!