Monday, September 22, 2008

Maersk Company Retirement Picnic! (Part Two)

Another fun victim at the picnic.... Fun stuff. I tried to add some color to the earrings and necklace.... wish I could have done all my caricatures in full color!
This was a fun couple that had been married 27? years..... congrats!
These gals were some of my earlier "victims" but I should have played around with their likeness some more...still learning! (and will forever)
This pretty lady had some cool heart shaped earrings and a pretty smile. I was pleased with the likeness, but being a detail freak that I am could have really done it up some more!
Fun stuff here, she was with the girl above and had some great hair going on with a bow in it.... I love the "extras"!!
First timer! She was fun...I hope her love of caricatures catches on like a fever...I know it's easy to do!
Missed!...Cute little fella I should have really played with the hair in the eyes look a little more!
More fun hair.... had a blast!

This young lady was very polite and classy, she even had a cute lil beauty mark that I love to add for a more accurate depiction!
Great curls that I didn't capture the way I'd like to have!
Two words: Princess Jasmin!
Barbara was a very kind lady who brought us water in the nick of time.... another likeness I didn't quite get the way I'd like tho!
This cute gal was sportin some cool hair too... I could have really detailed her up given the time!

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