Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is the B'day gal, Edie!! And the rest are all her friends.....great group! I had a blasty blast with these guys!! Hope you had fun too Edie!

Ok guys here's one of two B'day parties I did in December...sorry haven't updated sooner but I had the host of the parties to email me pictures instead of bringing my camera.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spiderman sketch and inks.........

Some Spidey sketches that I have messed around with (click on the drawings to enlarge them). I post most my super hero sketches on . Check it out!

New commission pieces..............

Two pieces I did for a christmas gift...after they recieve them I'll post thier photos.

Friday, December 12, 2008

More sketchiness

Finally wrapped up two more commission pieces.... I would post them but they are way too large for the scanner. I might take a pic of them tomorrow and scan them. anyway here's a couple of sketches I threw down to celebrate!!!........

Friday, December 5, 2008

CHAMAS Brazilian Steak House and GSK holiday event

This is Wendy, the event planner and admin for GlaxoSmithKline IT dept. She was a great help giving me some cannon fodder on all these guys. This was a blast and I have to admit a very tight nit and lively group! The food at Chamas Churrascaria was unbeeeelievable and served Rodizio style and let me tell you, immediately one of my favorite restaurants ever! I will definitely go back time and again! The staff was top notch and the different flavors of meat that they bring out on the skewers are mouth watering sensations and the salad bar is superb (try the smoked salmon...mmmmm mmm!)!! If your ever in the area and you love meat like I do, check it out. Don't usually plug the restaurants I work at but this one is worth it!

Movie Buff....don't know where my pic of him is??

Everyone seemed to have a blast. I know I did with this group!

Wine and Germ-X. 'Nuff said.

The Gadget man!!

Hocky and Country music?? And he's from the birthplace of NASCAR....Wilkesboro!

Super nice fella who happens to be a fan of Jimmy Johnson and most Hendrick Motorsports drivers, so I added all their numbers to his ride!

This lady was sweet and very energetic. She wanted something that brought out her beauty and that her husband would hang in his office. I think she just needs to just give him a polariod!

This gal just recently got engaged and had a very large rock to show for it. I had a few ideas bouncing around, like a wheelbarrel to haul it with, etc. But she mentioned that the last caricature she got had her sitting on a jet ski and she thought it was lame, so I did continued with the lameness!! Sorry! Couldnt resist. At least it wasn't a wheelbarrel.

This guy was an intern at GSK and attended ECU (home of the Pirates!). Hence the Captain Morgan stance and the worst Parrot I've ever drawn!! I was drawing (no pun intended) blanks on what a freaking parrot looked like. Anyhow, victim number one. He wasn't a big ECU Pirate fan either.

The Down Under

Went to this cool little pub in Durham after the event (Post coming right up) I did down there and the guy walks in by the name of Clif (yeah one F) and just seemed to be full of character and had a great face for caricature. I drew this up and added a few elements of the scene as well. He didn't punch me in the mouth, he laughed and said....... I'm going to show this to my girlfriend. His buddy Bill (A professor of Nuerobiology at Duke!) was hanging with him (not at church, like he told his wife! sorry that one slipped) informed me that he should have added an 'S" to girlfriend. Play on Clif!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Martian Manhunter

Or better known as J'on J'onzz to the comic geek elite out first love was comics and over at the Drawing Board there having an Outer Space Jam, so I did a quick sketch of the shape changing martian!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mall Creatures

Just a quickie on some sketches I did last weekend at the Mall while I had some down time............ you know the type. Come in just to lurch around the mall and cuss about the weather. This is more of a portrait than caricature!! (note: I outlined her in body for better presentation but other than that, I had about 10 minutes to draw her)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SKretchhhin again....

I finished up a commissioned piece tonight and decided I would reward myself with some things I wanted to sketch! The top one is hopefully recognizable as Supes. The bottom pic is a guy who is a fantastic artist from down under. His work can be viewed on at the Drawing Board and his name is Chris Wahl. I was going to post it on the DB but for some reason it was denied?? Click the images to enlarge them if your a detail freak like I am!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Care Fun!!! Love them kidz!

He wanted TEETH!!! Mama didn't, so I compromised!

Another satisfied customer!!!!

I always get them drooling babies! They are the best to caricature!

I learned a lesson today........always get there before the face painter does or else you gotta be guessing at some features. Oh well, I tried, hope these looked somewhat like my targets.