Friday, December 5, 2008

CHAMAS Brazilian Steak House and GSK holiday event

This is Wendy, the event planner and admin for GlaxoSmithKline IT dept. She was a great help giving me some cannon fodder on all these guys. This was a blast and I have to admit a very tight nit and lively group! The food at Chamas Churrascaria was unbeeeelievable and served Rodizio style and let me tell you, immediately one of my favorite restaurants ever! I will definitely go back time and again! The staff was top notch and the different flavors of meat that they bring out on the skewers are mouth watering sensations and the salad bar is superb (try the smoked salmon...mmmmm mmm!)!! If your ever in the area and you love meat like I do, check it out. Don't usually plug the restaurants I work at but this one is worth it!

Movie Buff....don't know where my pic of him is??

Everyone seemed to have a blast. I know I did with this group!

Wine and Germ-X. 'Nuff said.

The Gadget man!!

Hocky and Country music?? And he's from the birthplace of NASCAR....Wilkesboro!

Super nice fella who happens to be a fan of Jimmy Johnson and most Hendrick Motorsports drivers, so I added all their numbers to his ride!

This lady was sweet and very energetic. She wanted something that brought out her beauty and that her husband would hang in his office. I think she just needs to just give him a polariod!

This gal just recently got engaged and had a very large rock to show for it. I had a few ideas bouncing around, like a wheelbarrel to haul it with, etc. But she mentioned that the last caricature she got had her sitting on a jet ski and she thought it was lame, so I did continued with the lameness!! Sorry! Couldnt resist. At least it wasn't a wheelbarrel.

This guy was an intern at GSK and attended ECU (home of the Pirates!). Hence the Captain Morgan stance and the worst Parrot I've ever drawn!! I was drawing (no pun intended) blanks on what a freaking parrot looked like. Anyhow, victim number one. He wasn't a big ECU Pirate fan either.


milkyteets said...

Wow, these are some great caricatures! I really love the one you did of the guy below too, that one has loads of personality.

Dominic Philibert said...
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Dominic Philibert said...

These are great!!!!!!!!!

Bat said...

Thanks Milkyteets and Dominic! I had the most fun you could have without alcohol with this group. They were easy and fun to pick at.

ramanjit said...

hi bat,
this is nice work.
thanks for your nice comment keep visiting.

Dominic Philibert said...

Thanx man!
Yeah! Almost!!!!
Your caricatures are amzing!
Looking forward to see your newest stuff
take care

danomatik said...

I envy how caricaturists can capture the face with just a few lines...
you use ink and graphite am i right?
Thanks for the comment on my blog btw Bat!!
Ure stuff is great!