Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ola Belle Reed Festival

The Ola Belle Reed Fest is an annual festival in Lansing NC that features around the clock blue grass. After about an hour it all sounds the same. The crowd wasn't as big as last years but fortunatly for me there were plenty of kids running around that wanted to caricaturized.
This pretty young lady came with another little girl who she had befriended at the festival and they both wanted to be little mermaids. She thought this was close enough to Arielle (sp?) from the famous disney movie so I guess it was for me as well, being no expert!


Ralph said...

Just found your site. That little girl, Jewel, is Ola Belle's great grand daughter and is my grand daughter. This is Ralph Jr, her oldest son. I want to thank you for doing that for her it was great. Now, do I owe you anything and how much for your time? Hope to see you this year in August.
Ralph Jr

Bat said...

Hey Ralph! Don't owe me a thing. Glad to be a part of the event and to have met the blood relatives of Ola Belle Reed!! See next time!