Thursday, February 19, 2009

Battle of the Sales Peeps!!

Ok Here are the shots from my event with the sales group of Atrium Windows. These guys were obviously cracked as the windows they sell. (heh heh). We had fun. I could barely get the page damp with the marker before they were spitting out every bad innuendo about each other they could! I don't know how Zandra (Gomez, the wonderful artist I was working with) and I made it through the night.............anyway, hope you enjoy!
Raised by a mother and a father in Michigan who were separated by the fact that one was a Wolverine fan and the other a Spartan fan. Apparently has never recovered.
This guy was very nice and cool. And musically gifted, or so I was told, hence the musical note. Or my attempt at one!
If you need it fixed, call him. And he'll call the guy who can do it. kidding. I hear he was the all around Mr. Fix-it.

Wis-kahnsin native. Cheese head and proud of it!
Top salesman who I suspiciously thought likes high heels and spandex. Far off? He didn't punch me at least!

This is the Birthday gal! She was sweet and therefore did not fit in with the rest of these misfits!

After drawing his mouth closed, I was told he has the gift of gab....this is NOT a reference to ventriloquism (sp). So don't try to hire him for your next party.

Money, Diamonds, fancy clothes, designer make up stuff...... this gal got the Diva of the Night award.

The Sheriff!
This fella wanted me to make him taller. Noone is higher than those guys that wash windows and since this was a window sales meeting....ok, you get, I know, I'm cheesy. Sorry. ANyway, to wrap it up, fun gig, look forward to many more like these and would like to say thanks to Zandra for all her help that night!


Emily Anthony said...

These are looking great, Bat! Funny and good likenesses.

Beast said...

Nice work, Bat.

Tel said...

That's great work Bat - I bet you had them eating out of your hand ! Love your stuff mate.

Niall O loughlin said...

Sweet drawings man, you did good!

Oscar Padilla said...

These came out really good. Even the people with no noticeable features came out looking good. About how long did each take?

hanzz said...

Very nice blog !! Love the live stuff, very funny !!

kanishk said...

Sweet drawings man, you did good!
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